CE Declaration of conformity

The Waveform Analysis Card/Wall Sensor 2019 cards have been built in compliance with the following directives and standards:

Waveform Analysis Board/Wall Sensor Specifications 2019:

Weight (gr) 100 ÷ 300
Supply 8,5 ÷ 15 V D.C.directly from the system on which it is installed
Current draw (mA) 40 ÷ 60
Power (W) 0.6
Electrical safety class Class I grounding
IP degree 00
Power input protection 150mA resettable electronic fuse (tripping after 0.2 Sec) Holding current 0.12 A
Maximum voltage applicable to the output contact of the optocoupler (V) 24 V D.C.
Maximum current applicable to the output contact of the optocoupler (mA) 60
Maximum value of the output contact resistance of the optocoupler (Ω) 50
Analog signal input from piezoelectric (Vac) 4
Analog signal input protection (V) 4.9
Analog signal input voltage A.C.

Models available:

Code M001A

Code M002A M001A + 1 output (relay contact) pre-alarm Code M003A

Code M004A M003A+1 output (relay contact) pre-alarm M00XA = open frame (only pcb) M00XB = pcb inserted in a metal container, complete with adhesive label. (as photos)